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Our Founding Partners

Compliance Advisory Service
Coral Springs, FL
Phil Gay, President
Provides consultations in the area of Bank Secrecy Act compliance, CRA compliance and turnaround compliance in South Florida.

Compliance Resources, Inc.
Reston, VA
Lucy Griffin, President 
Located in the eastern U.S., Compliance Resources, Inc. offers consulting and training through many relationships in addition to Paragon Compliance Group.  Compliance Action Newsletter is a product of Compliance Resources, Inc. with Bankers information Network.

Jefferson Cook Associates, Ltd.
Winnetka, IL
Mollie Sudhoff, former President (until January 2015)
Stephen E. Sudhoff, President
Located in the midwest, Jefferson Cook Associates offers compliance consulting and executive search for compliance professionals.  Go to www.jeffcookltd.com for more information.

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