2015 News and Plans

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2015 News and Plans

Since 1998 Paragon Compliance Group as a partnership of three companies owned by Lucy Griffin, Phil Gay and Mollie Sudhoff has been pleased to serve small, medium and large sized banks and financial service companies with compliance expertise. While she has threatened for years, as of December 31, 2014, Lucy Griffin is officially retired from the partnership.  We are thankful for Lucy’s insightful leadership over these years and wish her, her family (especially those granddaughters) the best in the coming years of retirement. 


Lucy will continue to author her Compliance Action newsletter which she and George Milner have published for several years and which if you don’t read is a treasure-trove of compliance advice and expertise. 

Phil Gay will continue to offer compliance expertise through his firm Compliance Advisory Services and BSA Training through his Profit Protection firm in South Florida. 

Mollie Sudhoff has joined CrossCheck Compliance LLC a premier compliance consulting firm. 

Additionally, Steve Sudhoff will be offering consulting services as president of Jefferson Cook Associates, Ltd.  With Compliance Resources, Inc. and Compliance Advisory Service, Jefferson Cook was one of the partner firms of Paragon Compliance Group.  Steve is working closely with Bonita Jones & Associates and Financial Solutions to continue projects that utilize his risk management, banking and data analysis skills.  Jefferson Cook has assumed the outstanding client contracts of Paragon Compliance Group and will ensure completion of outstanding projects with the contracted principals.  Phil Gay is also offering support to former PCG clients especially those needing BSA and or HMDA expertise.  Mollie and Phil are committed to continuing to work together for those interested in continuing or starting compliance training projects.  We are dedicated to our compliance conference speaking engagements and the many clients for whom we have had the pleasure to serve over these past years.


We wish each of you the best in the coming year.  Please reach out to us at your convenience. 


Mollie Sudhoff 847-476-1128 (Cell and for CrossCheck)

Phil Gay 954-304-2218 (Cell)

Steve Sudhoff 847-476-1648 (Cell)  or 847-835-3053


Compliance Action Newsletter http://www.bankersonline.com/bin/ca.html

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